for using the platform for interactive education in 360°



  1. General provisions


  1. (1) The platform IEDU360 delivers the technical infrastructure for interactive education in 360°, it acts as a meeting point for students, teachers and schools of all levels and forms of education and instruction, and is accessible for everyone at the URL-address

(2) IEDU360 is being developed and supported by Interactive Bulgaria Foundation with company number 176889119 and address 1st Floor, 13 Marin Drinov Street, Sofia, 1504, represented by its chairman Ivan Velkov, who can be contacted by emailing


  1. (1) Previewing, assigning and using of IEDU360 services is being treated as ''communal information services'' in the sense of the E-commerce Act (ECA) and is being offered on the basis of expressed user consent in the form of the user's actions within the user interface.

(2) Every action within IEDU360 is being treated as an 'electronic statement of consent' in the sense of the Act for Electronic Documents and Electronically Certified Services (AEDECS), and a user can be identified by their actions in the cases specified by the law.

(3) A user of IEDU360 is every person who accesses the database of IEDU360 and/or executes actions of any kind within the user interface of IEDU360.

(4) By loading IEDU360, by registering and/or executing any of the functionality of IEDU360, users declare that they have acquainted themselves with the General Terms and Conditions, understand them and accept them in their entirety, and are under obligation to abide by them.

(5) For children under 14 years of age the actions described in articles (2) and (3) and the declaration in article (4) are being carried into effect by and under the control of the able adult who is in control of their care, and for minors under 18 years of age – with the consent and under the control of an adult.


  1. (1) Interactive Bulgaria Foundation reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions and make an announcement about this on the IEDU360 In the case of disagreement with the changes users are free to cease using IEDU360 at any time.

(2) Changes in the General Terms and Conditions come into force 30 days after being published on the official page webpage of IEDU360. The General Terms and Conditions were last updated on 10.11.2018.


  1. In any case when a user feels that their statutory rights may have been breached they have the opportunity to write to the Commission for Consumer Protection (KZP) and file a complaint or contact them via their website


  1. Personal data protection


  1. (1) Interactive Bulgaria Foundation acts as an administrator of personal data. Personal data which a user submits to IEDU360 is being shared voluntarily by the user, and is being protected by modern organisational and technological means for providing information security, and is only being used for delivering the services, which the user has access to.

(2) IEDU360 is processing the following types of personal data handed over by a user in particular:

  1. for registering in the system as a student:
    1. names of the student
    2. level and area of education
    3. about themselves (optional)
    4. e-mail address
    5. password
  2. for registering in the system as a teacher:
    1. names of the teacher
    2. areas of teaching
    3. about themselves (optional)
    4. e-mail address
    5. password
  3. for registering in the system as a school:
    1. name of the school
    2. about themselves (optional)
    3. names of a representative
    4. position of the representative
    5. e-mail address
    6. password

(3) Student's data in the sense of article 2, point 1, а) to d) is only visible to teachers whose lessons, quizzes and tests that student is accessing. Teacher's data in the sense of article 2, point 2, a) to d) and school's data in the sense of article 2, point 3, a) to d) are visible to every user of IEDU360, including those who are not registered.

(4) Data of students and teachers who interact with a certain school and that interaction includes exchanging of information within IEDU360, may include additional parameters valid for that respective school and standing outside the scope, powers and responsibilities of IEDU360.


  1. (1) IEDU360 may share user's data with third parties only after their explicit consent or in the cases specified by law.

(2) IEDU360 allows users to preview their data, edit or delete it, or to request this to be done for them.

(3) Users are allowed at any time and without additional terms to withdraw the consent for their personal data to be processed by IEDU360, in which case the data will be erased for them.

(4) The lessons, quizzes and tests created by a user do not constitute personal data.

(5) In cases when a user believes there has been a breach in their personal data protection rights, they can notify the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP) by mail or contact them via their website


III. Services and dealings


  1. (1) IEDU360 is not a training or educational institution, it only provides the technical infrastructure for interactive education in 360°, which is used as a meeting point for students, teachers and schools of all levels and forms of training and education.

(2) The lessons quizzes and tests published in IEDU360 aim to broaden the general knowledge of students, to provoke their imagination and stimulate them to assimilate the educational content. They do not substitute the established textbooks and learning materials.


  1. (1) The lessons in IEDU360 are based on 360° and VR technologies and present the educational content in a responsive visual way allowing immediate interaction, delivering wider knowledge, stimulating the imagination and improving the educational process.

(2) The quizzes in IEDU360 are aimed at facilitating the self-preparation and checking of the acquired knowledge and skills by the students, most commonly in the form of homework or demonstrating the results of the educational process.

(3) Tests in IEDU360 are aimed at helping teachers check the levels of comprehension of educational materials and mark the results of the students, including in the area of formal training and education – as far as the respective teachers and students are engaged in such training and education, and as far as teachers apply the infrastructure of IEDU360 in their work.


  1. (1) Anyone who wishes to do so, could register themselves as a teacher and publish their lessons, quizzes and tests in IEDU360 does not control the content of the lessons quizzes and tests, and therefore cannot be held responsible for their content or compatibility with established training or educational programmes, standards and requirements.

(2) IEDU360 provides the lessons, quizzes and tests, published by the teachers as mentioned in p. (1) 'as seen' and as far as those do not constitute an obvious crime, is not responsible for their removal. IEDU360 does not take a side in the interactions between teachers and students, or persons exercising parental control, when a student is underage.


  1. (1) IEDU360 approves registrations of schools only after verifying the statements made by the representing persons and receiving a confirmation from the respective schools.

(2) If a teacher expresses their wish and an IEDU360 registered school provides their consent, the said teacher could be denoted as working in that school.

(3) If it is the wish of the denoted teacher in the respective school and provided the approval of the school is given, the lessons, quizzes and tests created by the teacher could be denoted as created by that school.


  1. (1) Both the student and the teacher may at any time choose to cease their cooperation within IEDU360, and in that case their dealings should be settled between themselves.

(2) Ceased cooperation in the sense of p. (1) does not free a student from the responsibilities undertaken with regard to assigning them a lesson, quiz or test, when they have already requested to access those; neither from those responsibilities arisen from requesting access to a lesson, quiz or test which are normally granted subject to certain conditions, after the student has already started previewing (executing) them.

(3) Ceased cooperation in the sense of p. (1) does not free a teacher from the responsibilities undertaken with regard to creating a lesson, quiz or test, the creating (distributing) of which they have already undertaken based on a request by the respective student.


  1. (1) Both a teacher and a school may at any point choose to cease their cooperation, in which case their dealings should be settled between themselves.

(2) Both the teacher and the school may at any point request the erasure of the designation that the teacher works in the school and respectively – that their lessons are created in that school.

(3) Neither the teacher nor the school is free from the responsibilities undertaken between themselves or the consequences resulting from any damages cause between themselves.


  1. IEDU360 does not take a side in the relations described in articles 11 and 12. The only responsibility IEDU360 has with regards to these dealings is limited to truthfully representing the circumstances declared by the students, teachers and schools, making the necessary corrections in a timely manner and providing the information available for those circumstances in the cases defined by the law.


  1. Intellectual property


  1. (1) All of the content within the database of IEDU360, which is not publicly accessible, constitutes a trade secret of Interactive Bulgaria Foundation and it cannot be used or revealed in any way without the prior explicit written consent of its owner.

(2) All of the content within the database of IEDU360, which is publicly accessible, constitutes property of the person who created it. By creating the content within the technical infrastructure of IEDU360 that person hands over to Interactive Bulgaria Foundation the non-exclusive right to use that content worldwide for an unlimited amount of time including for purposes outside IEDU360, including translating, re-working and combining with other content – personally or in collaboration with its partners and/or sub-contractors.

(3) Interactive Bulgaria Foundation reserves all rights over the source code, design and content of  IEDU360 which does not fall within the scope of articles (1) and (2). The same cannot be used or revealed in any way without the prior explicit written consent of its owner.


  1. Rights and responsibilities


  1. (1) Every student, teacher, school or administrator who accesses IEDU360 via a user profile is required to keep their password a secret and is responsible for actions done with the use of their password.

(2) Unless it is proven otherwise in an appropriate manner, it will be accepted that all actions done  with the use of a certain password are done by the owner of that password.

(3) Every student, teacher, school or administrator who accesses IEDU360, is required to inform Interactive Bulgaria Foundation immediately if their password has been revealed to a third party or any actions have been taken with the use of that password which have not been allowed by its owner.


  1. (1) Provision of services by IEDU360 does not include supplying computer equipment, providing software and Internet connectivity between students, teachers, schools and administrators of IEDU360. Each one of these parties takes the whole responsibility for their technical equipment.

(2) IEDU360 does not accept responsibility for any interference, technical problems or unauthorised leaking of confidential information while using IEDU360, resulting from using computer equipment, software deployment,  Internet connectivity, or illegal activities by third parties.

(3) In the case of a technical crush IEDU360 commits to making reasonable efforts to preserve data of students, teachers and schools and to restore the functionality of the system as soon as practically possible.


  1. Students, teachers and schools take responsibility for using illegal content in any way, including but not limited to – technologies and methods designed or having the nature of interrupting, obstructing, troubling or limiting the normal functioning of computer equipment, software deployment or Internet connectivity, or helping to establish unauthorised access to other users' data within IEDU360 or the software provision of the system itself.


  1. (1) IEDU360 does not accept responsibility for damages resulting from technical reasons or failure to deliver service because of circumstances outside of its control – irresistible force, accidental event, a problem with the world wide web, technical damage, unauthorised breach of the IEDU360 system etc.

(2) Accidental event in the sense of article (1) is a circumstance of exceptional character unforeseen  at the time of adoption of the currrent General Terms and Conditions, which renders the obligations in the General Terms and Conditions impossible to fulfil or hinders them unreasonably.


  1. (1) The Team behind IEDU360 saves the right at any time and without warning to change the design, content, technologies and functionality of IEDU360, including temporarily or permanently to stop part or all services provided by IEDU360 for the purpose of re-design, including of additional functionality or for other reasons.

(2) The Team saves the right to store information for all actions within IEDU360 and to use that information for statistical or marketing research – without this granting access to any personal data of users, respectively – not including the possibility for their individual or group profiling.

(3) The Team reserves the right to place marketing materials within IEDU360, in a way which is deemed suitable and does not take responsibility for the content of those marketing materials – as far as they are the property of the advertisers and do not constitute an obvious breach of the law.


  1. (1) Services of IEDU360 are provided 'as seen'. The whole responsibility for using them and the results of that use lie within the users themselves.

(2) IEDU360 limits its responsibility to the provision of true and objective information about the requested and created data for lessons, quizzes and tests by students, teachers and schools respectively, and for the actions carried out within the system. Only requests for registrations of schools and requests for denoting the connection with a school of a certain teacher and / or the lessons, quizzes and tests created by them are subject to checks for their authenticity (and truthfulness, whenever applicable).


  1. IEDU360 is not responsible for changes in the behaviour or policies of any students, teachers or schools – including when this leads to the impossibility for the fulfilment of the obligations they have undertaken.


  1. (1) IEDU360 is not responsible for technical ommissions or typos made when covering the parameters and the services offered within IEDU360, or for allowing technical or printing mistakes, which reflect in the documentation of a certain undertaking, which has been presented to a student or a teacher for approval and they have approved them by their acceptance.

(2) As far as this has not been done by the persons exercising parental control or by the school a student is cooperating with, the student chooses freely and voluntarily to request the creation of a certain lesson, quiz or test, or to use one already created by a teacher, and IEDU360 does not accept responsibility for the quality of the chosen teacher or the services delivered by them.

(3) The persons exercising parental control assume the full responsibility for the actions or statements of minors and underage students, according to the applicable legislation.


  1. Additional provisions


  1. (1) The parties agree to resolve all disputes, arising from the current General Terms and Conditions or applicable to them, including disputes regarding their interpretations, invalidity, execution or termination, as well as disputes for filling in gaps in them or adapting them to newly arisen circumstances, by means of reasonable negotiations between the parties.

(2) In those cases when it is not possible to reach an agreement for the described in article (1), the parties agree that the dispute (as far as it is related to personal data protection) will be looked at by the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sofia in accordance with the Statute of the Court of Justice and the relevant Bulgarian legislation.