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Replace the boring volumes with an exciting 360° interaction and go straight in the lessons!

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Intriguing 360° experience for your eager students in your curriculum depths!


“Education is what remains after one
has forgotten everything he learned in school” (Albert Einstein)

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IEDU 360° is a platform for Interactive Education in 360° where the innovation connects students, teachers and educational institutions. Leading studies show that people perceive a major part of the information they get visually. That's why we've created an interactive tool where you can create in a few simple steps a visual 360° lesson or you can take a deep dive into the matter explored. Our innovation increases the efficiency and turns learning into something really intriguing, preparing one better world for all participants in the learning process.

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Student Testimonials

Innovation convinces me that my specialty has a future. Our children will learn in a better interactive environment.

Denitsa Petkova Study on Pedagogy

Interactive 360° lessons give me inspiration to discover new worlds. I think that with such technologies tourism in Bulgaria has potential and future.

Atanas Petroff Study on Geography

360° panoramas give me the feeling that the business has gotten even more development opportunities than it can make use of. My Master Program will help me put these technologies into my business intentions.

Borislava Ananieva Study on Management

Spatial visual lessons make way for my imagination and provoke me to new creative challenges. I will apply this approach in the art I have dreamed of from the very beginning!

Veronica Manova Study on Visual Arts